Any futsal club applying for membership in the Georgia Elite Fut3al Coalition must complete this entire membership application within all required deadlines. Each club applying for membership should carefully review the “Requirements for Membership” to ensure that the club is willing and able to adhere to all of requirements for membership. Once an application is completed it must be submitted to GEFC. In order to be considered for GEFC membership, the GEFC must receive an electronic application.


To apply please click here. If your club is applying for membership for the first time, you must submit a non-refundable application processing fee of $25.00 .Your application will not be considered without this fee. If your club previously applied for membership your non-refundable application will be applied to this application. The membership application and notification process will be on a rolling basis. If a club has previously applied, please submit an updated application along with any additional materials to best describe the current state of the club. Upon acceptance into the GEFC, your Club Contact will receive an email with a GEFC Membership Agreement and Rules and Regulations. The Club must sign and return the GEFC Agreement along with the one time $100 new member fee to the GEFC by the specified date or your club may lose its invitation to join the GEFC for the specified GEFC season.


Completed applications will be reviewed by the GEFC  Executive Committee based on the following criteria:

  1. Club’s Player Futsal Guidelines.

  2. Club’s players competitive level.

  3. Club’s History of Success in Elite Competitions, Tournaments and Leagues.

  4. Access to an official futsal court.